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Plumb Perfect is the residential division of one of the Merrimack Valley's oldest plumbing and heating firms.  We have a reputation for excellence, and are proud to have subcontracted to many municipalities and private enterprises throughout Massachusetts, Southern Maine and New Hampshire.View Prior Jobs

Our reputation for quality workmanship and ON TIME/IN BUDGET performance is evidenced by the willingness of some of the most prestigious U.S. surety companies to bond our work, and affirm our ability to meet our professional and financial obligations.


  1. Installation, service and greening of steam heating systems
  2. Installation of backyard recreational infrastructure such as outdoor kitchens, pool houses, and gas lines to pool heaters, fire pits and Tiki torches our certified welded steel pipe system provides maximum value and our vast inventory of equipment and wide range of skilled technicians allows us to offer one-stop shopping
  3. Installation and service of utility sub-metering systems in commercial, apartment and condominium properties and our water conservation consulting services help America to minimize its consumption of potable water in both its private and public facilities
  4. Installation of all styles and brands of water heaters and an engineered proprietary maintenance program to maximize the life expectancy of your new or current heater
  5. Installation and service of state of the art heating systems to help you help our country shed its dependency on foreign oil
  6. Installation of water damage prevention systems including sump pumps and automatic shut-off valves on your water lines
  7. Adaptive alterations to your home to accommodate physical impairments and to help you stay in your own home as you progress into your retirement years
  8. Our commitment to conservation in general and combined heat & power in particular helps us to offer you state of the art energy conservation programs from an NAHB Certified Green professional/NAR green designee
  9. As an authorized Brita/Haws Hydration Station dealer we can help you help America cure its addiction to plastic bottles
  10. Installation and service of plumbing systems in large private and public facilities

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