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Water utility Sub-Metering

Today, utilities are faced with aging infrastructure and reduced operating budgets while challenged to meet rising customer demands.  Because water meters are a utility's cash registers, the solution begins with measurement integrity.

Before submetering, many landlords either included the utility cost in the bulk price of the rent or lease, or divided the utility usage among the tenants in some way such as equally, by square footage, or some other means. Without a meter to measure individual usage, there is less incentive to conserve or stop water leaks, since the other tenants or landlord may pay all or part of those costs. Submetering creates awareness of water and energy conservation since the tenant will pay for all of their usage and any leaks they allow to remain unrepaired. Conservation also allows property owners to keep the cost of rent reasonable and fair for all units regardless of how much water or energy they consume.

Win Win with Value

When homeowners realize that they will be accountable for their water usage, they are motivated to discover and repair water-wasting leaks. They fix leaky toilets and replace faulty fixtures. Sub-metering promotes water conservation on their part, and thus is a saving and value for everyone concerned. Since sub-metering also eliminates the domestic water costs from the association’s budget, it is a very effective way to keep homeowners dues low. The homeowner readily recognizes the increased value in their properties, as the individual condo owner will pay only for the water they use.


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